Examination of Local Plans

Examination of Local Plans

Cambridge City Council (City) and South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) have prepared draft Local Plans for the planning and development of Cambridge and its sub-region over the next two decades. The plans have gone through over two years of drafting and public consultation. Final versions of both Plans have been examined in public by a Planning Inspector appointed by the Department for Communities & Local Government. The outcome was the offer by the Inspector to the Councils to amend as required the details for review.

The amendments are proposed to be made public winter 2015 with responses sought through to spring 2016. The Examination is set to continue summer 2016. These plans are fundamentally important to the future development of the Cambridge area. Because of the significance of these issues and their impact on the quality of life of both current and future local residents, CambridgePPF has engaged with both councils throughout the plan process. Read and follow the latest news and responses to the Examination of the Local Plans here.

Latest News on Local Plan Review

MARCH 2017

The Hearings continue and our volunteer Robin Pellew represents CambridgePPF throughout the sessions. See his summary from the 3rd March 2017

CambridgePPF local plan summary 0317


JUNE 2016

Matter CC1 ‐ Heritage Policies: Protecting and Enhancing the Character of Cambridge (Policies 7,
8, 56, 58, 60 and Appendix F, 61, and 62 plus Appendix G)


APRIL 2016

The Inspectorate has now issued the schedule for the resumption of the Examination of the Local Plans, see attached. CambridgePPF will be attending those hearings that we have previously commented on.

Examination Schedule – hearings_programme_v8_march_16


15th March 2016:

CambridgePPF publish their response to the proposed modifications! This is attached below as well as on our submissions page.


4th March 2016: Responses to Local Plan Modifications have been published

The Councils have collated the responses received from the public consultation and have now published them on their websites. As part of this process, CambridgePPF have been given an opportunity to review our responses and adjust for any inconsistencies. Whilst we have shown support for some of the proposed changes, there are still several that we wish to challenge.

We acknowledge that our representation on the proposed release of the green belt land adjacent to Nine Wells has led to some confusion. This is due to the limitations of the response form and CambridgePPF will be addressing this as part of the review process.


1st February 2016: Draft Examination Schedule on Proposed Modifications out!

CambridgePPF have submitted our response to the modifications and look forward to the resumption of the Examination. The limbo-like status of the Draft Local Plans causes concern as some developers are keen to take advantage of the housing supply debate.

Click here – draft schedule


Older News:

Both Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire have had the opportunity to amend their Local Plans, as per the agreement with the Inspector. The amendments were announced on 10 November 2015. Follow the link to view the summary and associated documents: Cambridge City Council web link to Local Plan The formal consultation will take place from 2nd December – 25 January. The amendments required included revisiting the following sections:

  • Objectively Assessed Need for Housing
  • Inner Green Belt Boundary Study
  • Transport
  • Infrastructure Delivery Study
  • Viability
  • Sustainability Appraisal


Responses to the consultation are then to be made with the results resubmitted to the Inspector during March 2016. Local Plan – Consideration of further work and consequential modifications SCDC

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