Shaping Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the fastest growing cities in Western Europe. The scale of change we face threatens to destroy the character and ambience that makes Cambridge so special. CambridgePPF seeks to influence the planning of new developments and the design of new communities, so that they are as attractive as possible as places for people to live and work, to maintain and enhance the quality of the conservation areas, and to protect the green and historic character of the

Cambridge area.







Local Petitions

  • Save the Cambridge Green Belt - The Green Belt around Cambridge is under threat. This petition has been launched by local residents, who are opposing further development in the Green Belt – in particular Wort’s Causeway (south of Cambridge), off Fulbourn Road (SE of Cambridge), Comberton village,  Sawston village and the Impington area. For the petition details please click here
  • Improve Nuffield Road and Green End Road -

    Petition requests a new access to the industrial and trading estate on Nuffield Road  and when the new access road is built, the residential section of Nuffield Road (to Green End Road) be cut off to motorised through traffic. For the petition details please click here.

Consultations or Surveys:

Important plans recently have been under consultation:

For our comments and recent submissions - visit our past Submissions.


  • Public Consultation “The Triangle”(note this site is off Shaftsbury Avenue and part of University Press/ south of Accordia/ Brooklands) proposed site for Cambridge Assessment (Cambridge University’s international exams group) -  Friday 24 January – 5.30-8.30pm  and Saturday 25 January 10am – 3.30pm at Stephen Perse 6th Form College, Shaftesbury Road CB2 8AA . Details here or email.
Cambridge City Council
  • Coldham’s Common – consultation in view of preparing a comprehensive management plan for this green space – complete survey by end February 2014 
  • Sport & Physical Activity Plan 2014-2017- consultation - completesurvey by end January 2014.
  • Brown’s Field BMX track - consultation 
South Cambridgeshire DC Cambridgeshire County Council

Press release

CambridgePPF submits final call for City to reverse Green Belt development plans

For details please click here.

Press release

CambridgePPF opposes the massive ‘twin‐towers’ proposed for Station Road and the demolition of Wilton Terrace.

For details please click here.



Green Belt Policy

The Cambridge Green Belt is under constant threat.

See here for CambridgePPF's policy.

2030 Vision Report and Video

The beginning of this year saw the completion of an ambitious two-year project to ask what we want the Cambridge sub-region to be like in 2030 and what we need to do now to achieve it.

You will surely not agree with all of it, but its purpose is to stimulate discussion. Read it here and watch a video.


12 Development Principles

These express our strategy and policy for the future development of Cambridge and the Sub-Region.

For details click here.

Cam Corridor Strategy

CambridgePPF has gathered together a number of organisations to develop a comprehensive strategy for the Cam Corridor.


Green Belt Policy

The Cambridge Green Belt is under constant threat.

See here for CambridgePPF's policy.

Trumpington Meadows

Castle Mound view

Some of our recent comments:

Spring 2013 Local Plan consultations

2012 local plan consultations

Market Square

Business Improvement District and City Deal

CambridgePPF welcomes the BID initiative, and supports the Cambridge City Deal initiative.

Past workshops


are listed here.

Cambridge fringe developments (based on Local Plan 2006):

1 Northstowe - 10,000 homes

2 NIAB - about 1800 homes

3 Orchard Park - increase from 950 to 1200 homes

4 Cambridge's Northern Fringe East

5 Cambridge East

6 Bell School - about 350 homes

7 Addenbrookes (Cambridge Biomedical Campus)

8 Clay Farm and Glebe Farm - up to 2600 homes

9 Trumpington Meadows - about 1200 homes

10 Northwest Cambridge - 3000 homes


CB1 is the name given to the extensive development near the station. It is the largest development project ever planned for Cambridge (estimated cost £ 850 million), and is the City's most important gateway.

Wilton Terrace

CambridgePPF's attitude to the proposed demolition of the Victorian block of buildings along Station Road is that instead of focusing on the loss of the terrace, greater attention should be given to ensuring the quality and public benefit of the building to replace it.

Our most recent update - October 2013 - click here.

Press release October 2013 - for details please click here.

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