In 2020 investigations into the structural integrity of Bourn Windmill, a proud feature of the historic Cambridgeshire landscape, a designated Ancient Monument and Grade 1 listed building, showed that it needed urgent repairs to prevent its collapse as the beams that support the mill have become rotten. 

The mill is closed and Historic England has placed it on the Heritage at Risk Register, highlighting both the importance of the building and severity of the deterioration. Read more

The first phase of this project has been to prevent the mill from collapsing by using scaffolding and also to employ a team of conservation professionals to work out how to repair the mill, given that the wooden beams that support it will need to be replaced. We are very grateful to Historic England for an emergency grant of £23,500 towards the first phase costs and this has been matched by an incredible £10,000 gifted from more than 120 passionate donors.

The mill is now protected by scaffolding and the next stage of the project is to carry out the repairs and to re-open the windmill. The cost of this work will be more than £100,000 and we need to raise a further £15,000 from public support. This means that our total fundraising target from donations is now £25,000.

Please help us to save this building because:

- it is one of the 5 oldest windmills in the UK and one of the few remaining working post mills

- Lord Norman Foster studied the mill as a student and its design has inspired some of the country's best known buildings

- it is loved and valued by local communities

Please donate today to help save Bourn Windmill for future generations.

Every gift makes a difference to this unique and important piece of our heritage so please give what you can.