Please help to restore the large derelict pond in the centre of Wandlebury into an attractive community asset that will be enjoyed by over 60,000 park visitors a year. Landscape designers, Robert Myers, have helped us produce plans for the restoration of the derelict pond in the middle of the Wandlebury Ring.

The new 400m2 pond will provide wildlife habitat, be an attractive landscape feature and an essential resource for our successful outdoor education programme, enabling more children to learn about the natural world. Contractors will remove derelict pond infrastructure and create a new pond profile which will be lined with polyethylene on geotextile, with a boardwalk and oak revetments along one section. These will function as a path to allow people to get close to the water and as a pond-dipping platform for schools. The pond will be gently sloped and terraced for native aquatic plants and to make it safer.

  • Volunteers will plant native aquatic species.
  • New grass paths will be cut to link to the pond.
  • Two attractive new benches will be installed.
  • Contractors will install 65 metres of new piping so that the pond is supplied with rainwater runoff from nearby roofs.
  • Digging work will be monitored by a professional archaeologist who will record any finds and we will involve the Young Archaeologists
    in the project.
  • Once the project is completed we will organise pond-based activities for the public so that they can learn about and enjoy aquatic wildlife. 

This is what the derelict pond looks like:

Here are some artist impressions and plans of what the new pond would look like:

There has been a pond at the heart of Wandlebury for at least 200 years, please donate to support this project, every little really does help.

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