Sat 25 Mar, 8pm    

Cambridge Leper Chapel

Cambridge theatre company performs Shakespeare’s Hamlet in the atmospheric Leper Chapel

Cambridge's environmental theatre company in situ: returns to the Leper Chapel with one of Shakespeare’s greatest works, Hamlet, as never seen before.

In Richard Spaul’s hands, the play becomes a one-man performance, as he leads the audience through the political machinations and emotional turbulence of the Danish court, to the play’s tragic conclusion.

“There are many dead people in the play,” says Richard. “Almost all the characters suffer violent deaths, and these voices of the dead are clamouring to be heard, clamouring to re-enact the tragic process.”

The medieval chapel is a wonderfully atmospheric setting, with the performance in the round.

“What I hope will be unique for the audience is experiencing all the characters, the actions, the voices and the emotions channeled through one performer,” says Richard. “It's all really happening right in front of your eyes. “We dig out what is most relevant, powerful and unsettling. I do believe that there has never been a Hamlet quite like this one.”

Tickets £15 from or at the venue on the night from 7.30pm.