Please support our Land for Nature Appeal to raise funds to increase the amount of land around Cambridge for nature and people. 

Local charity Cambridge Past, Present and Future has recently purchased two areas of land next to Wandlebury Country Park to protect the land from development and so that it can expand the park and its habitats. We are raising funds to transform these two areas into nature-rich spaces and also to recover some of the costs of buying the land, so that in future, when land next becomes available, we are ready to act swiftly to fight for it and protect it from development.

By donating today you are taking a stand and helping us reverse the decline of nature in Cambridgeshire and providing places for people to enjoy.

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2021 signals a new chapter in the history of Wandlebury Country Park, the recent purchase of two pieces of land increase the size of the park by 4.5 acres. 

The first parcel is a 2-acre strip of grassland with some trees, located on the Cambridge side of Wandlebury.  It was part of the grounds of Keeper’s Cottage. With your support we want to restore the ecological value of this field to create a chalk grassland meadow like the others found in the park. This piece of land can also help to connect the chalk meadow habitats of Wandlebury with those at Magog Down and the Gog Magog Golf Course (which is a SSSI).

Land at Keepers Cottage

The second, is 2.5-acres of farmland on the south eastern side of Wandlebury. This parcel of land connects the historic Wormwood Hill to the byway that runs between the A1307 and the Roman Road.  With your support, we want to create a new woodland of native trees that will connect two existing blocks of woodland. This will help to increase that important ecological connectivity as well as creating new wildlife habitats.

New land shown dark green. Keepers Cottage (top left) and the farmland (bottom right)

Funds raised through the Land for Nature Appeal will enable us to transform the new land by bringing it into management for wildlife, to enhance its ecological value, creating habitats for local nature. This will include clearing debris, planting trees and introducing small herds of seasonal grazers to the land.

Your financial support will help us transform the newly purchased land into nature rich habitat, but importantly, it will ensure that we are ready to take action and purchase more land when the opportunity arises. Please share this appeal with your friends, neighbours and colleagues and encourage them to help.

The Land for Nature Appeal is one way that we can deliver the Cambridge Nature Network, an initiative to halt the decline in nature and enable it to recover, click here to read more.