Velodrome plans are poorly disguised attempt to build more houses in Green Belt

18th Nov 2013Green BeltPlanning

Cambridge Past Present & Future (CambridgePPF) has joined Trumpington Residents Association in opposing plans to construct a velodrome in Green Belt land to the south of the city. The charity believes that while new community sporting facilities would undoubtedly benefit the city, the developer’s ‘revised’ scheme is nothing more than a poorly disguised attempt to build more houses in land that is supposed to be safe from development.

When Grosvenor Estates put forward its original plan for a sporting village at Trumpington – including a new home for Cambridge United and 400 houses – CambridgePPF voiced its concerns. The charity’s position at the time was that the two key criteria for building a major sporting centre could not be met at Trumpington Meadows; good public transport links and a position outside of the Green Belt.

Less than a year later, CambridgePPF believes the same criteria still apply and that the creation of a velodrome at the heart of a sporting village surrounded by 400 homes remains a bad idea – because of the location.

Robin Pellew, Chairman of CambridgePPF, said: “The council has already refused to release land for a sporting village and stadium on the grounds that this is the wrong location. We can’t see how this proposal is any different. Yes Cambridge is a cycling city but is there really a need for a velodrome? Of course there is a need for better, more accessible sports facilities across the city but Green Belt in Trumpington is not the right place – particularly when so many additional houses are part of the plan. The fact remains that what’s been proposed goes against planning policy. This area is already hugely congested and work on the properties approved isn’t yet complete. Adding more journeys into the mix from residents and visitors to a major new sports complex – with just a minor arm of the guided busway to rely on – would, in our opinion, be a recipe for disaster.”


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