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Submission date: 31st Jan 2014
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Following my presentation to the City’s Environment Scrutiny Committee of January 14th 2014, regarding the Proposed Submission Plan 2014, the CambridgePPF Planning Committee met on Monday 20th January and I have been asked to write to you seeking clarification on a couple of important issues.

Firstly, Paragraph 2.23 of the Proposed Submission Plan presents the development sequence for the preferred location and distribution of new development adopted by both the City and South Cambridgeshire with priority being given to development within the existing urban area before sites around the city fringe are developed. This sequence CambridgePPF strongly endorses, but we would like clarification from the Council as to how it is to be implemented in practice. We believe the Proposed Submission Plan is not clear as to how the planning sequence will actually be delivered, and specifically how the Council proposes to avoid the situation arising whereby the more attractive Green Belt sites are developed ahead of the more difficult sites within the urban area.

Secondly, we would like clarification about what sort of issues will be included in the Schedule of Proposed Changes that is likely to accompany the proposed submission plan to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. We appreciate that the Council will not want the delay of a further round of public consultation, but equally we are concerned that the Council is seen to be responding to the representations it received in the July – September consultation. Can the Council please reassure us that the pressure of the timetable and the desire to avoid a further round of consultation will not preclude substantive matters raised in the representations from being included in the submitted version of the plan or its accompanying schedule?

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