Possible Brownfield Sites within the Urban Area of Cambridge

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Submission date: 10th Jan 2014
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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that there are brownfield sites within the urban area that might have development potential and thus contribute to the Cambridge City Council’s housing target without the need to release further land from the Green Belt.

It is recognised that the Council has undertaken a thorough survey of all available locations within the urban area through the SHLAA process, and this paper does not imply any criticism of that process. What we do question is the rigour of the appraisal of the rejected sites, and whether with more innovation and determination, some of the discarded sites could actually be developed even if they are difficult. So long as the possibility remains that such sites have not been examined with adequate rigour, then the ‘exceptional circumstances’ required by the NPPF for the release of more Green Belt cannot apply.

1.3 The sites identified in this paper are a representation of the potential for additional brownfield development if a more rigorous and flexible approach is taken to their feasibility assessment. Obviously within the time restriction imposed by the Local Plan consultation, it has not been possible to undertake a detailed analysis of these sites, including their economic viability, so they
should be regarded as potential sites that justify a more thorough examination.


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