Cambridge, Past, Present & Future is an independent charity founded in 1928 which owns and cares for green spaces and historic buildings and protects the beauty of Cambridge and its environment. It is the only local charity that looks at the bigger picture of the development of Cambridge. Whether historic buildings, green spaces, nature, housing or infrastructure – we are passionate about all of it. Protecting, enhancing and celebrating all that’s good about our special city, and its surrounding areas.

Our charity was founded by a group of passionate volunteers to save green spaces and heritage in and around Cambridge. We own and care for 550 acres of green spaces which are visited more than 200,000 times a year by people living in Cambridge and the surrounding area, from all walks of life.

Our country parks and reserves at Wandlebury and Coton, the windmill at Bourn, the watermill at Hinxton and the Leper Chapel in Cambridge city are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people, supported by their local communities. We inspire people of all ages to get outdoors and help them to enjoy, learn about and get involved with their local environment, heritage and culture. We do this by:

-          providing facilities in our green spaces

-          through a volunteering programme with 150+ active volunteers

-          hosting over 100 public events per year

-          running an outdoor education programme for schools

-         organise an annual month-long Cambridge Nature Festival attended by 20,000+ people

We have 40 years’ experience of successfully converting arable farmland into attractive habitats and green spaces that benefit nature and communities. Staff and volunteers recently planted 4,000 trees and create 20 acres of meadow across our sites.

Cambridgeshire is one of the most nature depleted places in the UK, it has one of the lowest amounts of tree cover and people have limited free access to large areas of nature. Cambridge was also the 5th fastest growing city in the last decade with plans for this rate of growth to continue for several decades. This rapid growth is putting significant pressure on the environment and people. Our charity also scrutinises and influences planning applications throughout Greater Cambridge to make sure that development is as sustainable as possible.

The charity is solely reliant on donations, memberships, grants and gifts to fund all the work we do every year.

Your gift will go towards protecting the beauty of Cambridge and its environment.

Our New Membership & Donations System:

Clicking the donation links on this page will take you to our new membership & donations website, hosted by SheepCRM where you will be invited to enter your email, which will become your username.

Please see our FAQ's HERE and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like some assistance.