Take a walk on the wild side

There are 8 miles of waymarked trails for you to explore. If that's not enough, you can join the public rights of way network to explore the surrounding Gog Magog Hills. To the north you can walk along the historic Roman Road and to the south you can explore the paths at Magog Downs.

If you are looking to get healthy or walk with others then you might like to join our Healthy Walking Group every Thursday morning (10am) - click here for more details.

If you need a little help to explore all the trails then we have an off-road mobility scooter that is free to hire (click for details).

Informal Play

Wandlebury is a great place for informal play. We have a den building area and games field (for ball games, frisbees, flying kites and sledging when there's snow) and 60 hectares of woodland and meadows for running around and exploring.

Cows & sheep

Highland and Belted Galloway cows are natural lawnmowers that help us to keep our meadows in good condition for flowers and wildlife. They are hardy animals that live outside all year around (although we feed them hay in the winter) - but can you find which field they are in? They are joined by sheep in the winter months, who graze the areas that are too small for the cows.

Enjoy a picnic

We have plenty of picnic tables and benches placed around the park for you to enjoy a picnic in a beautiful location. We even have a meadow called "picnic field"!

Spotting Ely Cathedral

From the Ely Viewpoint it is possible to see 17 miles to Ely Cathedral on a clear day. Can you spot it?

Pop-up Cafe

Most Thursdays to Sundays throughout the year from 10am-3pm (later in the summer) you will find one of our amazing pop-up cafes next to the Tadlow Granary. You might find The Coffee StationRural Coffee Project or Blossom the Coffee Caravan who serve sweet snacks and barista coffee. Tilly the Travelling Tea Room sells her popular selection of homemade cakes, biscuits, drinks and award winning Saffron Ices from her vintage caravan the first Sunday of the month during the summer. Please be aware that if the weather is terrible these cafes may not pop-up. Please check their websites for the most up-to-date information.

Iron-Age Hillfort

Wandlebury was once a thriving Iron-Age Hillfort. You can still see the main outer ditch of the fort, which runs in a complete circle with a footpath in the bottom of the ditch. Have fun exploring this atmospheric circle and imagine what it was like 2000 years ago. Keep your eyes peeled for skeletons which are sometimes uncovered when trees fall down!

Spring Trail for Young Explorers

This sensory trail is designed to encourage children to connect with the abundant nature at Wandlebury Country Park. Print at home and enjoy completing the trail with your family on your next visit, remember to bring a pencil or crayon with you. You can download/print by clicking here.

Once your young explorers have completed the trail why not take a picture and tag us on Instagram @Wandleburywarden.

Flowers & Blossoms: Snowdrops, Aconites, Cowslips and Meadows

Marvel at the stunning white and yellow carpet of snowdrops and aconites at the start of spring (usually mid-January and February). They are followed by a beautiful display of Cowslips (usually April-May) with daffodils and violets for good measure. Cherry, Apple and Hawthorn display their delicate white and pink blossoms (usually April-May). During May-July the Park is an amazing display of wild-flowers with carpets of cow parsley and yellow buttercups. In July and August search out our "arable patch" for a colourful show of poppies and other arable flowers (its near the Banyard Hide).

Historic Buildings

The Tadlow Granary is a small, atmospheric and intriguing timber framed agricultural building that dates from the 15th century. The granary arrived at Wandlebury in 1971 having been carefully dismantled and moved from a farm in Cambridgeshire. The granary is usually locked because it is home to roosting bats!

The main buildings at Wandlebury are from the 18th century. The cupola clock-tower is a distinctive backdrop for the former walled garden. If you visit the toilets, see if you can see the mounting blocks that were used to mount the horses that were once stabled at Wandlebury.

Autumn Leaves

The Park is an explosion of yellows, reds, oranges and browns in October. Some of our magnificent beech trees are breathtaking at this time of year.

The Grave of the Godolphin Arabian

Wandlebury was once a famous stables, with the King's race horses. The most famous horse was the Godolphin Arabian. He never ran a race but he is one of the three horses from which all today's thoroughbreds descend from. He is buried at Wandlebury - can you find his grave?

Banyard Wildlife Viewing Hide

A great place to sit and watch nature, especially during winter when you can see and photograph birds close up as they come to the food and water we provide for them. Look out for green and great spotted woodpeckers, jay, bullfinch, long-tailed tit and sparrowhawk. The hide is located on the northern edge of Varley’s Field, just off the main perimeter path.

Dinky Door

Wandlebury is home to one of Cambridge's Dinky Doors, who are on an unexpected mission to save the world. Based on the story of the mysterious knight rider the door is designed as a book which opens and then opens again. The door is, well, very Dinky, and Wandlebury is very large, so how will you find it? (clue = there was once a grand house).

Pet Cemetery

Wandlebury once had a large manor house with a wealthy family. Like most families they had pet animals. When they died, their beloved pets were buried in a pet cemetery (next to the Ring Wall). Can you find them and have a guess what animals they were?

Newts, Snakes & Scorpions

Our wildlife ponds are home to newts, grass snakes and water scorpions. Have a look from the viewing platforms and see if you can spot any during the summer months. The Cherry Pond is next to the main entrance drive and was part of the former estate. It is mystery how the pond is full of water as it is on top of a hill - have you got any ideas? If so, let us know! The Ring Pond is connected by pipes to the roof of the main building and so gets topped up by rainwater.

Beech Avenue

There are several avenues of trees to enjoy at Wandlebury but the most impressive is the 400 metre long avenue that leads to the Roman Road. Great for photos.

Peace & Quiet

You can always enjoy peace and quiet somewhere at Wandlebury. Sit and listen to bird song or the wind rustling the leaves. If you want the place to yourself, then come on a weekday, early morning or late evening.

Memberships start at £27 and all memberships include FREE parking at Wandlebury.