If you would like to nominate a person or an event, you will need to:

  • Tell us their name or details of the event.
  • Tell us the property or site on which the plaque should be placed, including the address and ideally also the name of the owner (this must be located in either the City of Cambridge or South Cambridgeshire District).
  • Tell us why you think that the person or the event made a significant impact on life in the local area, the UK or the world.
  • Tell us if you, or your group, would be willing to help raise funds for the plaque or organise an unveiling event.

People to be commemorated should:

  • Have been dead for at least ten years.
  • Have lived in the area.
  • Be eminent through their profession or calling.
  • Have made a significant contribution to the life of the Cambridge area and its residents.
  • Merit recognition because of an outstanding or notorious act.
  • Have had a connection with the Cambridge area, beyond being only a university student.

Events to be commemorated should:

  • Have occurred at least ten years ago.
  • Be recognisable to the majority of the general public.
  • Have significance in the history of the Cambridge area, UK or world.

Please email your nomination to [email protected] (there is no form to fill in, just tell us in your own words).

Who decides who should get a blue plaque?

A group of dedicated volunteers makes up the Cambridge Blue Plaque Committee. They include local historians and representatives from Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire councils and Cambridge Past, Present & Future. They consider requests for blue plaques and decide whether or not one should be put up.

One of the biggest challenges is finding a relevant building where the plaque is visible to the public and the property owner is willing to have the plaque. There are several people that we would like to commemorate but we are unable to put the plaque on a relevant building.

We also have to raise around £1,200 for each plaque. This is easier if the person/event is connected in some way to an organisation or family that would be willing to contribute towards the cost of the plaque and a celebratory event. Or if the person or group nominating would be willing to help raise the funds for a plaque. If you are nominating a plaque, please tell us if you or your group would be willing to help.