Over the centuries the Leper Chapel and Stourbridge Fair have inspired artists of all kinds.

David Wood is a local artist, illustrator and teacher. In this YouTube video he explores the history of the area and sketches the chapel:

Local school children have visited the Chapel with HistoryWorks and created poems and drawings:

Michael Hrebeniak is a local writer and film-maker. He teaches literature and visual culture at the University of Cambridge. He has produced an audio-visual imaginary inspired by the Stourbridge Fair called "Stirbitch", you can enjoy two excerpts below.

In 2023, the cheerful watercolour below was posted under the Leper Chapel door by an unknown artist with the message: "I love to paint and I love to draw, I am placing this gift under your door. Your painting is unique with a splash of colour, one of a kind there is no other."

If you have, or know of, art inspired by the Leper Chapel then please share it with us.