Dinky Doors and CambridgePPF are pleased to unveil the newest addition in the Dinky Doors collection at Wandlebury Country Park.

The Dinky Door celebrates some of the parks fascinating 2,000 years of human history. The Gog Magog Hills have attracted myth and legend since the middle-ages. Writers, poets, newspapers and now the internet all tell stories about giants, knights, pagans, gods, chalk patterns on the hillside and ley lines.

One ghostly tale comes from Gervase of Tilbury who, in 1219, told that Wandlebury was once ruled by a dark night-rider who seemingly no mortal could defeat. Anyone brave enough to test their prowess had to ride up into Wandlebury on a moonlit night and cry "knight to knight, come forth!". The warrior would appear on horseback, ready to fight until he or his opponent was dismounted. With so much to inspire at Wandlebury we are pleased the story of the night-rider is being told through such quirky and unexpected means.

CambridgePPF CEO James Littlewood has said "It is a door into the fascinating history of Wandlebury, merging history, myth, present day reality and pop art, in a fun and accessible way. For example, there really is a secret tunnel full of bats at Wandlebury. We think the new door really adds something extra to the Park and hope that people will have fun hunting for it and enjoying the door when they find it."

We hope our visitors enjoy exploring Wandlebury to locate the Dinky Door. Wandlebury is 60 hectares in size and the door is 30cm, so it could be a bit of a challenge to find. To help in your quest for the Dinky Door we suggest checking out the video and clues on the Dinky Doors website.

Make sure you watch the video to help you uncover the location of (ye olde) Knight Rider. Once you've found the Dinky Door please do follow the social distancing and health and safety precautions highlighted on the sign.