The Cambridge area is one of the fastest growing places in the UK, but the huge pressure for change should provide an opportunity to create great places and a great environment.

So says Griff Rhys-Jones, comedian, writer, actor and television presenter, who is campaigning for better places in the built and green environment as President of national charity, Civic Voice.

Griff was in Cambridge recently and took the time to meet with the local civic charity Cambridge Past, Present & Future to hear about some of the threats to the greenspaces and heritage of the Cambridge area. He visited the site of the proposed Cambourne-Cambridge Busway to see the impact that this could have on Madingley Hill, one of the best viewpoints around Cambridge.

Griff said, “for 90 years the charity Cambridge Past, Present & Future have been working to protect the character and setting of the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge. One of their earliest actions was to purchase countryside around Madingley Hill to prevent urban sprawl and protect the countryside and village of Coton. Having visited the site I hope that decision-makers will work with the local community and avoid damage here. Let’s plan for our great, great grandchildren. Something better and more visionary is needed.”

“Across the UK there is pressure for change in our countryside and urban areas and a need for new houses and infrastructure but it is important that this is done in a way that makes places better. Local civic groups, like Cambridge Past, Present & Future, are working hard to try and ensure that happens. They are your voice. Try and support them in any way you can.”