We all know about the effect that climate change is having on the environment and wildlife. Nature is in crisis and it requires bold action. As more of us have become aware of our responsibility to the planet, the rally cry of ‘thinking globally’ has to mean ‘acting locally’. Actions, not words. And the Covid pandemic has only served to highlight how much we depend on nature for our physical and mental health, and how important local places are to us. 

There are things we can do – real, practical things that will make a difference for all of us. CambridgePPF has the skill and the will, and now we need your support to make it happen. Together, we can protect both our built and natural heritage, and make sure the city grows in harmony with the world around us.

What we want to do

  • Reduce river pollution, help nature and capture carbon, by creating a large new wetland at Coton Reserve
  • Provide more green space, by converting farmland into new habitats at Coton Reserve
  • Help deliver Cambridge Nature Network’s vision of doubling habitats for nature and people by 2050
  • Improve CambridgePPF’s green spaces to meet the needs of a growing, ageing and more diverse community
  • Maximise the benefits of CambridgePPF’s green spaces for nature, climate mitigation and wellbeing
  • Repair the Leper Chapel and transform it into an accessible, well-used community building
  • Ensure our two mills continue to grind corn, as they have done for centuries
  • Protect and restore the historic buildings and archaeology at Wandlebury
  • Inspire more people to get outdoors and connect with their local environment, heritage and culture
  • Influence the future development of our area, working to protect the best of Cambridge’s landscapes, ecology and heritage for future generations
  • Increase CambridgePPF’s capacity to do all of the above, to the highest possible standards.

We can only continue our work with the support of people like you – please help us by being a membergiving a donationvolunteering your time or leaving a legacy for Cambridge.