Protecting pubs

In Cambridge nearly a quarter of the city’s pubs have been lost since the start of the millennium. From 2010 to 2013, CambridgePPF lobbied and campaigned alongside Cambridge CAMRA and others to try and halt the closure and redevelopment of community pubs across the city.

While various reasons were being cited for the decline of local public houses, including cheap supermarket deals on alcohol and the smoking ban, in Cambridge there is another reason; the high short-term profit to be made from the redevelopment of pubs and any associated land, into housing.

Along the way there were some successes but there were also a number of disappointments. Rather than fight each individual case, we campaigned for a change in the City’s planning policies. With the Council, we produced a rigorous process for assessing the viability of pubs and for community ownership with criteria that must be met if change-of-use is to be agreed – the result has been that only a handful of pubs closed in 2017.

We continue to keep a close eye on the pubs that remain, which we believe are valuable community assets.

Former Penny Ferry Pub, which we tried to help save, but unfortunately it was demolished on appeal. 

Hodson’s Folly

As you cross the foot and cycle bridge to Coe Fen from Sheep’s Green you may have noticed a small walled riverside area containing an old boathouse and a roofless folly. This is known as ‘Hodson’s Folly’ – after the Mr. Hodson who apparently built it in the 19th century as a private area where his daughters could bathe in the river.

This unusual feature at the edge of the River Cam is falling into disrepair. CambridgePPF worked with Cambridge City Council to seek the community's views on possible options for the folly and its surrounds.

Local property company Carter Jonas has taken up the challange and is now fundraising to restore the folly. Support this worthy project by visiting Fund Hodson's Folly

Landbeach Tithe Barn

We have previously worked with the Landbeach Society to help find a future for the wonderful Tudor Tithe Barn at Landbeach. For 40 years the barn has been leased to the Landbeach Society by South Cambridgeshire District Council. Repairs are urgently required so action was needed to secure its future and identify a long-term purpose.

We worked with key stakeholders to organise open days and workshops in order to discuss options, raise awareness and identify possible funding routes.

The Tithe Barn now has a strong group of people working to support and restore the building, for more information please visit Tithe Barn Trust.