The Local Transport Plan for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is produced by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA), led by the Mayor, Dr Nik Johnson. They are in the process of drafting their Plan and are asking for your views on it.

A Local Transport Plan sets out the transport needs of an area and the different ways these needs can be met. Projects included in the plan are likely to be taken forward and funding secured to deliver them. So, if you don’t support any of the projects that are proposed, then saying so now is one way of making your views known to decision-makers.

The strategy for the Cambridge area involves 4 new public transport corridors:

  • Cambourne to Cambridge (west of Cambridge)
  • Cambridge South East Transport Scheme (south of Cambridge)
  • Waterbeach New Town to Cambridge (north of Cambridge)
  • Cambridge Airport to Cambridge (east of Cambridge)

Most people agree that improving public transport along the 4 corridors is needed, however there is disagreement about how to do it. The Greater Cambridge Partnership wants to build new bus roads through the countryside, whereas organisations like Cambridge Past, Present & Future are arguing that new bus roads should be built alongside the existing main roads, to minimise impact on landscape, ecology and heritage and maximise the use of existing infrastructure.

If you agree, then we encourage you to take this opportunity to let the CPCA and Mayor know:

To do this, Click this link and follow through the first two pages (answering required questions 1-7), which ask for your views on the vision, goals and objectives and countywide strategy, before coming to a map of Cambridgeshire.

Click 'South Cambridgeshire' or ‘City ‘to be directed to the Greater Cambridge section.

This section contains two questions, one offering a simple choice of how much you support the proposals, and a second box asking for more detailed feedback.

This is your opportunity to say that you oppose the proposals to build bus roads through the Cambridge countryside and that instead you want to see bus routes alongside existing main roads.

Click here for more information on the bus roads proposed for Cambourne to Cambridge and South East Cambridge.

Click here to view the full LTCP Consultation

Click here to view the relevant Greater Cambridge section of the LTCP Consultation