There has been a watermill on the River Cam at Hinxton for at least 1,000 years. We saved the derelict watermill from demolition in the 1980s and restored it into working order. This much loved building and its beautiful setting needs the support of people like you so that it can continue to be enjoyed by, and educate, future generations.

We don't receive any regular funding for the running or repair of the watermill from local or national government or other bodies. To carry out this essential work we need your help: 

In 2018-19 we were able to raise £11,000 for urgent repairs and repainting thank to generous donations from local people and businesses.

Please volunteer your time or expertise to help care for the Mill, welcome visitors on open days or raise funds, click here to find out how.

Please become a member of our charity - your subscription will help support all our historic properties and green spaces, including Hinxton Watermill, click here to found out how to join.

Leave a gift in your will to Hinxton Mill to help ensure there is a watermill in Hinxton for another 1,000 years, click here to find out how.

A huge "thank you" to all the fantastic donors and volunteers who help to care for Hinxton Watermill.