We welcome amateur photographers at our sites and encourage you to share your images with us on social media or donate them to us via email. Full credit for the images is given. Please contact us if you are interested in photographing at our sites.

We are sorry but we do not allow drone filming at our sites without prior permission, this is due to privacy as there are people living on or adjacent to our property.

All our sites are private, so commercial photo shoots and filming are not permitted without our prior approval.

Our fantastic historic buildings provide rich and varied subject matter and our green spaces include historic parkland, views, woods, meadows, ponds and farmland.

Bourn Windmill, Hinxton WatermillLeper ChapelWandlebury Estate and Coton Countryside Reserve offer wonderful opportunities for photography at all times of the year.

You can find out more about our fantastic locations and how to use them for your film or photo shoot here.

Please contact us to arrange any professional photography or filming (including wedding photos) - we usually suggest that you make a donation to our charity which goes towards the upkeep of the green spaces and historic buildings that are in our care.