Cambridge, as we know and love it, is changing – and changing rapidly. As the population of greater Cambridge grows, and the pressure on the city and its countryside increases, our work is needed more than ever.

CambridgePPF Patrons are members of the charity who generously give an annual donation to support our work.

The principal benefit for Patrons comes from the satisfaction of helping Cambridge and supporting a local charity that is efficient and effective in delivering its core purpose – working to keep Cambridge and surrounding countryside special.

With the help of generous donors, since 1928 we have:

  • Prevented the development of Grantchester Meadows.
  • Saved the Gog Magog Hills from development and created Cambridge’s first country park at Wandlebury, which welcomes 100,000 visitors a year and is an important historic and wildlife site.
  • Protected the western side of Cambridge from inappropriate sprawl.
  • Saved from demolition and restored a 17th century watermill at Hinxton.
  • Restored one of the country’s oldest windmills at Bourn.
  • Created a new countryside reserve for people and wildlife on the edge of Cambridge, near Coton.
  • Cared for Cambridge’s oldest complete building, the historic Leper Chapel.
  • Helped establish and defended the Cambridge Green Belt and the historic setting of the city.
  • Converted derelict stables into a thriving outdoor education centre, visited by over 3,000 school children each year.

Specific benefits for Patrons include:

  • Annual Patrons Club event/reception.
  • Priority invitations to attend CambridgePPF’s events.
  • Patrons site tours of our properties with the people responsible for their care.
  • Active involvement in our work, if you wish.
  • Reduced rates for venue hire at our properties.
  • All the benefits of standard membership, including free entrance to all our historic properties, free parking at Wandlebury Country Park and twice-yearly magazine.

Subscription Rates:

Individual Patron     £250 per annum

Family Patrons         £350 per annum

Corporate Patron     £500 per annum

How does it work?

You will have a personal point of contact with a member of our team. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to become more closely involved in the work of CambridgePPF. We will endeavour to create an individual relationship with you, if you so wish. We welcome the opportunity to explore particular areas of interest with you, in order to provide a specific focus for your membership.

Become a Patron Today

To become a Patron please make your donation via our donate page. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Add the amount in the "other" box and then select make a regular payment. In the comments box, please state whether your donation is for Individual Patron, Family Patrons or Corporate Patron. We will then follow up in due course and make contact with you directly via email.

If you would like to make your donation via Direct Debit using a form, then please click here to download. Alternatively, click here to find out how to make a BACS donation.