By donating today you will be helping to protect the beauty of Cambridge and its environment.

Cambridge, Past, Present & Future is the only independent, local charity protecting the beauty of Cambridge and its environment. Whether historic buildings, green spaces, nature, housing or infrastructure – we are passionate about all of it. Protecting, enhancing and celebrating all that’s good about this special city, and its surrounding areas. 

Cambridge PPF owns and cares for 550 acres of green spaces which are open to the public everyday and are free to access – Wandlebury Country Park, Coton Reserve and Barnwell Meadows. CPPF also runs an education programme for 2,000 + local school children each year to learn about nature and hosts 100+ cultural and educational events each year, most of which are free to attend, including the Cambridge Nature Festival. Our charity also scrutinises and influences planning applications throughout Greater Cambridge to make sure that development is as sustainable as possible.

The charity does not receive any statutory funding from central government or local councils to fund our work so we are solely reliant on donations, memberships, grants and gifts to help fund the work we do every year.

£10 goes towards looking after your local green spaces

£20 helps to look after historical places in Cambridge

£50 goes towards keeping Cambridge special

£100 helps to plant and care for natural landscapes in Cambridge

£500 goes towards sharing nature and heritage with local people in Cambridge