This month Cambridge PPF has launched a new campaign called A Wilder Coton to raise £30,000 in order to transform arable farmland on the western edge of Cambridge into new habitats that are rich in nature, help to mitigate climate change and improve community well-being. Find out more at a free online event on Mon 11 December 6-7pm. Book a free ticket here.

The project has been awarded matchfunding from Aviva Community Fund so every £1 donated is doubled!

The new greenspace that will be created will provide free public access to nature via paths, open access and viewing areas. The project is part of a larger vision to help nature recover in and around Cambridge, called the Cambridge Nature Network, which aims to double nature by 2050.

A Wilder Coton will be achieved through a series of new habitat creation projects which are delivered as funds are raised. The first of these projects will transform 27 acres of arable fields into a mix of wetland, woodland and meadow at the charity's Coton Countryside Reserve. Local people will help as volunteers by planting trees and looking after A Wilder Coton. 

The charity is hoping to start work in autumn 2024 if it can raise £30,000 and the project has just been chosen by Aviva Community Fund who are doubling public donations. 

The crowdfunding campaign starts on 20 November until 1 January. Be part of helping to create a wilder future in Cambridge for nature and everyone in the city to enjoy - 

Your donation will be doubled by Aviva Community Fund please give on the crowdfunding website here