To create a diverse range of woodland habitats and a healthy woodland we are actively managing the woods at Wandlebury Country Park. For example we are carrying out woodland coppicing. A by-product of our work is that we have wood available for sale.

All proceeds go directly back into our restorative woodland management work, so your purchase is helping to sustain local woodlands and their wildlife.

Firewood for Sale Cambridge


We sell split, seasoned hardwood for use in fires and log burning stoves. Currently, this is only available in the size below:

2 large cubic bags (2m3) = £200

[Sizes are for loose bagged wood, not stacked.]

Unfortunately we are not able to provide a delivery service, so you will need to collect your wood from Wandlebury.

Our wood is mostly native hardwood such as beech, ash, lime and elm. It may contain smaller quantities of sycamore, hawthorn and yew* depending on the batch. * Yew is a "softwood" but is a solid wood and good burner.   

We also welcome enquiries for specific wood for green woodworking and turning etc.

To place an order or make an enquiry please contact our Warden Team on [email protected] or call 07852 417526.